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China Practice

Nguyen & Chen’s China Practice team provides comprehensive legal services in the United States in the areas of China-related litigation and arbitration, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and cross-border securities. Our China Practice team consists of more than 10 seasoned lawyers across the Pacific Ocean who have significant experience in transactions and dispute resolution throughout China mainland, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Our lawyers have represented numerous Chinese and U.S. based multinational companies with their investments and business expansions in the forms of green-field, joint venture, joint-development, partnership, M&A, pre-IPO, and private equity both in China and the United States. We have also advised hundreds of clients in their regular and sophisticated commercial dispute resolution in both Chinese and U.S. courts. We know how to close the deal and resolve the disputes in China and U.S. We have offices in Houston, Texas, San Francisco, California, and have affiliated Chinese licensed lawyers working on-site in China.

Our lawyers’ representative clients (including the clients represented by our lawyers prior to joining the firm) range from Fortune 500 companies such as CNPC, CNOOC, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and China National Building Materials Group Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,to medium and start-up companies.

Our lawyers’ China Practice experience (including our lawyers’ previous experience prior to joining the firm) includes multi-billion-dollar cross-border M&A transactions (representing buyers in China), multi-billion global procurement (representing buyer in China), IPOs in the United States and Hong Kong (representing issuers), multi-billion-dollar global bond offerings (representing issuers and underwriters), hundreds of millions dollar cross-border litigation (representing China-based defendants in the U.S. federal court), and other regular transactions, securities matters and litigations.

Our practice fields include energy (oil and gas, mining and renewable energy), aviation (aircraft manufacturing, engine development and component manufacturing), education, medical technology and equipment, manufacturing, and real estate development (land acquisition, financing, construction, sales and lease).

Considering ourselves as dealmakers and dispute resolvers in the United States, we serve as co-counsel and of-counsel for U.S. law firms on their clients’ legal matters involving China.

What distinguishes our firm from other law firms that have China Practice lies in three-folds:

First, our low operation costs and efficient team structure enable us to render services through flexible fee arrangements with predicable flat fees and/or competitive hourly rates;

Second, our lawyers’ prior practice experience in big law firms enables us to render high quality services in high profile deals or disputes at a reasonable hourly rate.

Third, our experienced lawyers are capable of providing to-the-point advice at an hourly rate that you would typically pay for junior or mid-level associates in a typical U.S. law firm that has China Practice; or at a flat fee package, which you rarely see in a typical U.S. firm.

Our practice areas include:

Deal Negotiation

Our deal lawyers are specialized in helping U.S. clients close their deals with Chinese companies in M&A, procurement and sales, IP licensing, distribution, and joint ventures. We have assisted numerous Chinese and U.S. companies seal their cross-border deals over the years. We know how to bridge the gap in deals involving China with our bi-lingual, bi-cultural, and bi-legal skills in addressing related parties’ concerns and their needs as well. We understand different negotiation styles and strategies employed by Chinese and U.S. parties in a deal and are capable of identifying no-go issues and providing solutions to deadlocks.

Dispute Resolution

Our litigators are dispute preventers and resolvers specialized in helping U.S. clients avoid and settle commercial disputes involving Chinese laws or Chinese parties in terms favorable to their clients. We have represented numerous Chinese and U.S. parties with their commercial dispute resolution in the form of mediation, settlement, litigation and arbitration. Our years of litigation experience in both U.S. and Chinese courts makes us capable of identifying strength and weakness in a commercial dispute and further designing and implementing appropriate dispute resolution plans in a cost-effective way. 

General Corporate

Our corporate lawyers are specialized in advising U.S. clients on corporate governance and daily operation involving labor and employment, risk management and control, Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, and regulatory compliance in China. With our years of practice in China representing numerous U.S. companies with their business expansion and operation in China, we know how to render legal advice and deliver work products in common law style for U.S. lawyers to exceed their clients’ expectation.


Our capital market lawyers are specialized in assisting U.S. clients with their China-related IPO, pre-IPO investment and arrangement, delisting, bond issuance, and M&A involving securities issues. With our extensive experience in advising clients on various securities matters relating to Hong Kong and U.S. stock markets, our securities team is capable of provide tailor-made services for U.S. securities lawyers.