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    At Nguyen & Chen, our Houston civil litigation attorneys help individual and corporate clients anticipate and avoid litigation. As your advocates, our top priority is to provide you with the guidance you need to protect your rights and reputation.
    No matter what side of a lawsuit you find yourself on, our civil litigation lawyers are here to help. Schedule a free consultation with our team today!

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    Civil Litigation Lawyers Houstonians Trust

    In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

    As civil litigation attorneys, Houstonians rely on us for a broad spectrum of legal matters. Our team represents individuals and businesses of all sizes across an array of industries. With professional and practical experience, we have a strong foundation from which to develop the best strategies to achieve your objectives.

    At Nguyen & Chen, we aren’t strangers to the court system. As one of the best Houston personal injury law firms, we understand how to negotiate in tough situations. We advocate for clients before State and Federal Courts at trial and appellate levels throughout Texas and Louisiana. Moreover, we have a strong track record of success for our clients.

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    Commercial Litigation with Experience

    As litigators, we have handled cases on a broad range of legal matters, offering persuasive representation for our clients’ claims.

    • Breach of contract
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Fraud
    • Deceptive trade practices
    • Landlord-tenant disputes
    • Negligence
    • Trade secret misappropriation
    • Wrongful termination
    • Debt collection
    • Unfair competition
    • Unauthorized disclosure

    Through a continual court presence, we remain current on court rulings. This allows us to develop compelling arguments for our clients personalized to the details of their trial. More than car accident attorneys, we offer full-service solutions. 

    Civil Litigation Attorneys in Houston, Texas

    Occasionally, protecting yourself requires legal action. When you cannot resolve a dispute on your own, you have the option to file a lawsuit and collect damages from the other party.

    On the other hand, when someone else decides to sue you, it is essential to defend yourself. As Houston civil litigation attorneys, we file civil claims for a broad range of disputes. When you need to protect your rights, seek the representation of an experienced legal team.

    At Nguyen & Chen, our team has extensive courtroom and trial experience. From individuals to corporations, we have years of experience mediating and settling disputes between parties. Moreover, we have an excellent history of trial success.

    Representing both defendants and plaintiffs throughout Houston, our civil litigation lawyers successfully try cases to verdict. When you have a civil claim against an individual, a business, or any other entity, or when someone sues you, schedule a free consultation with our team.

    Remember, you always have options. All you need is the right advocate on your side.

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    Types of Claims Our Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys Handle

    At Nguyen & Chen, our team has experience with many trials at the State and Federal trial and appellate courts. We represent clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, throughout the Greater Houston Area in an array of practice areas and are ready to protect your rights and reputation.

    Business Litigation

    When business disputes arise in Houston, TX, we represent businesses of all sizes in civil disputes. Generally, commercial litigation varies across an array of complex topics. From breach of contract to theft of trade secrets, our Houston civil litigation lawyers provide aggressive representation.

    Whether your claim is against a company, government entity, or a group of individuals, lawsuits create massive issues for businesses. As a business or professional, your reputation is one of your most valuable assets.

    Whether you need to protect yourself from a lawsuit or hold someone accountable, you need a commercial litigation expert who understands how to handle a dispute effectively.

    Real Estate Litigation

    The real estate industry is a magnet for civil litigation. Oftentimes, disputes arise in transactions or through the conflicts between landlords and tenants or co-owners. The high stakes of these issues often rapidly escalate into threats of lawsuits, liens, and foreclosures.

    When threats overshadow more practical solutions, it’s essential to work with a Houston civil litigation lawyer with experience in mediation. At our civil litigation law firm, our litigators offer swift intervention to resolve real estate disputes.

    However, when you need to position yourself for litigation, we have the experience and expertise to develop a persuasive, aggressive strategy.

    Employment Law Litigation

    Employment law is a complex and emotional sector. Oftentimes, these claims are subject to dramatic change. Moreover, there is a myriad of laws and regulations that come into play. This places a heavy burden on employees and employers alike.

    When employment issues impact the well-being and livelihood of employees, it also affects the success of the companies they work for. Legal disputes between workers and employers snowball into highly charged, personal disputes. As such, reaching a resolution is not easy.

    In order to resolve employment litigation issues, you need a team of Houston civil litigation attorneys who understand these laws and regulations. Through careful case analysis and an understanding of those involved, we work to settle these disputes before they have to go to trial.

    However, when a resolution cannot be reached, we are no strangers to the courtroom. Whether employer or employee, our team is ready to fight for you

    Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys FAQ

    When this happens in Houston, civil litigation lawyers at Nguyen & Chen are ready to help you discuss your options. Most importantly, it is essential to act quickly.

    Generally speaking, there are specific procedures to follow and deadlines to meet when someone follows a lawsuit with the court. As experienced litigation attorneys in Houston, we offer guidance through each step. Moreover, we help you process and draft the required documents in order to protect your rights.

    In the United States, you have the right to represent yourself in court. While the court occasionally shows some leniency toward those who represent themselves, there is no guarantee they will. Although it seems less expensive than working with a lawyer, it often costs more in the end.

    Depending on your situation, cases involve a spectrum of legal theories and complicated issues of proof. Moreover, the trial process requires you to adhere to many procedural rules. These include discovery, filing deadlines, motions, and more, all of which easily overwhelm those without experience in court.

    Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys

    Your Advocates to Protect Your Rights

    After a burn injury, you are in no condition to fight for your rights. You need an advocate on your side to hold the weight of your case as you focus on healing. When they work with our burn injury lawyers, Houston victims have experts to fight on their behalf.

    Even when you have burns that are “only” second-degree, we fight to establish ties between your injuries and the negligence of others. Then, we fight for compensation so that you have access to the high-quality medical care you deserve.

    Schedule a free case evaluation today and see why we are the advocates for you.