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Corporate Law

Starting and expanding a business is a thrilling endeavor integral to the American dream, yet it is one that also comes with its share of challenges. At Nguyen & Chen, our expert corporate attorneys can help you navigate your business through the complexities of business law.

We combine legal expertise with business know-how for entrepreneurs working to start a business from their basement, growing businesses looking for a second location, and large companies looking to grow on the global scene.

No matter your business needs, we provide the corporate law experience you need to thrive.

Our Business & Corporate Law Arenas

Business Formation and Transactions

Our corporate lawyers routinely advise clients in creating and developing effective and tax-efficient business entities, including partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, professional organizations, and nonprofit groups.

Following their formation, our team will provide experienced guidance and assistance through the legal complexities of operating a business so that you and your team can focus on the business itself.

Such assistance includes contract drafting and negotiating in areas such as:

  • Asset purchase agreements and stock purchase agreements
  • Employee, consulting, and independent contractor agreements
  • Financing and leasing agreements
  • Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements
  • Non-competition, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements

Finance and Securities

Our corporate attorneys provide clients with professional counsel on a wide range of financing activities to promote smart investments and the secured protection of those investments.

Should any litigation arise from your investments, including class action lawsuits or a shareholder’s derivative action, our team will represent you and your company’s interests.

Intellectual Property

Houston is one of the country’s most thriving manufacturing and tech-producing cities. As such, we see many clients requiring assistance in the acquisition, protection, licensing, and commercialization of all forms of intellectual property.

Our corporate attorneys are adept at handling all issues arising from such aspects, including drafting documents and litigating on issues arising from trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trade dress.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Even the most time-tested business professional can be overwhelmed by the legal complexities involved in the purchase, sale, or dissolution of a business.

Our corporate attorneys are equipped to provide unparalleled guidance in the negotiating and documenting of transactions from both the sides of buyer and seller.

Our expert team will assist in the details of stock sales, asset purchases, and leveraged buy-outs.

We Are Ready To Help

Let our experienced Houston team of corporate law attorneys guide you through the intricacies of any legal situation involving your business. We are ready to assist you. Contact us today for a free consultation*.

*Consultation fees may be waived on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the reviewing attorney.