Criminal Defense – Theft

Criminal Defense – Theft

Every year, thousands of Texans are accused of theft. Many of these accusations arise from mistakes, misunderstandings or malicious intent of the accuser. If you’re accused, it’s critical to talk to a theft defense attorney to protect your rights.

Types of Theft


Robbery takes place when force or the threat of force deprives someone of property that was in his or her control before the crime took place. Robbery charges are made more serious if the victim is actually injured.


Unlike robbery, a burglary charge can take place even if the accused person did not take any property from the scene. The key elements of a burglary charge are a) another person’s property or premises were entered with b) the intent to commit crime.

Credit Card & Identity Theft

Credit card theft consists of unauthorized use of a credit card, other payment card or other account information to make unwanted charges or remove funds. Identity theft takes place when a victim’s personally identifying information, such as Social Security number, is used to open an unauthorized account. In both cases, a fraud defense attorney is vital.


Shoplifting, also known as retail theft, is any form of theft in which an item is taken from a store with the intent of not paying the item’s full price. The seriousness of a shoplifting charge is mainly determined by the value of the merchandise in question.

Car & Property Theft

Vehicle theft takes place when the owner is deprived of the use and control of a vehicle in any manner. General theft of property (also known as larceny) is defined similarly.

How to Defend Against Theft Charges

Common defenses against a theft charge include:

  • You are the rightful owner of the property and are reclaiming it;
  • As a result of intoxication, you did not have any “intent to steal”;
  • You were induced to commit a crime by authorities (entrapment).

This is just a brief overview of some common approaches. The right defense in any situation depends on the specific details. Only an experienced theft defense attorney can advise you on your defense.

What to Do if Falsely Accused of Theft or Fraud

Don’t “cooperate” with any investigation until you have a criminal defense attorney to help you. You should never assume that by answering questions, volunteering information or otherwise “helping” that you are proving your innocence.

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