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    As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand how dangerous the roads are in this city. Every year, hundreds of people lose their lives to fatal accidents on Houston’s busy highways as thousands more sustain injuries to themselves or damage to vehicles and other property.

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    Auto Accident Lawyers
    Houston Drives Can Trust

    Houston Car Accident Attorneys are not all equally qualified to handle your case. Speak to one of our experienced attorneys to provide you with a free case evaluation today.

    If you fall victim to the negligence of another driver, you could rely on a car insurance company to help cover the costs of repairs and your mounting medical bills. However, the experienced auto accident attorneys at Nguyen & Chen know that insurance companies strive to pay out as little as possible when they settle claims.

    When you or a loved one sustains injuries in a car wreck, your focus should be on healing. You need an advocate on your side who knows how to fight for the compensation you deserve. At Nguyen & Chen, our auto accident lawyers advocate for your best interests while you take the time you need to heal. Let us handle the insurance companies for you.

    Remember, you pay us nothing until we win for you.


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    Compassionate Work, Aggressive Representation

    When it comes to personal injury law, especially in a city like Houston, it takes a specialized set of skills and knowledge to handle car accident lawsuits. Our legal team is on-hand to help you fight for the compensation you need across an array of collisions.

    • Car accidents
    • Motorcycle accidents
    • Bicycle accidents
    • Bus accidents
    • Commercial vehicle accidents
    • Rear-end collisions

    When you or a loved one experiences an injury or even loss of life in a motor vehicle accident, our Houston car accident lawyers are ready to provide you with the help you need to get through this difficult time. As your advocates against liable parties, we bear the weight of your lawsuit and strive to alleviate the burdens causing you grief.

    After a car accident, call our law firm as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. Let us show you that our firm is the compassionate, aggressive representation you need to recover damages and move on with your life.

    Houston Car Accident Lawyers You Can Rely On

    Per the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT), there were over 14,000 vehicle accidents involving serious injuries in 2016. More than 800 people were killed at intersections while over 600 were killed in head-on collisions. That year, there were zero deathless days.

    As Houston drivers, we put our trust in other Texans and Houstonians to follow the rules of the road. When they break that trust, the consequences can be dire. That’s why it is essential to connect with a Houston car accident attorney Houstonians tryst and rely on.

    At Nguyen & Chen, we are a full-service personal injury law firm. Our legal team has the expertise required to help you attain damages for injuries sustained in car accidents.

    • Broken bones
    • Limb loss
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Wrongful death

    When a car accident leaves you with a serious injury, unable to work, we help you fight to maximize your damages so that you have everything you need to recover. From pain and suffering and medical bills to lost wages, our Houston car accident lawyers strive to obtain the compensation you deserve. We are even available to help you obtain disability benefits in the event you cannot return to work.

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    The Legal Help You Need
    After a Car Wreck

    After a car wreck, it’s important to contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The only thing more important than speaking to a lawyer is ensuring you receive all necessary medical attention.

    When you are able, it’s essential to hire a personal injury lawyer. As your legal representation, we take over all communication with the authorities, the insurance companies, and other drivers. This provides you with the space you need to heal.

    Auto Accident Attorneys
    Who Work With You

    At Nguyen & Chen, our Houston car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we strive to provide you with access to all the resources you need with no cost upfront.

    Until and unless we win your lawsuit, you owe us nothing. When you need an experienced auto accident attorney in Houston, TX, call on the personal injury team at Nguyen & Chen.

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    Houston Car Accident Lawyers FAQ

    After a car accident, it is essential that you do not flee the scene. If you are able, check the area to determine any injuries or damage caused. 
    • Call emergency services and specify whether anyone at the scene requires medical attention. 
    • When able, it is important to attempt to exchange insurance information with other drivers. 
    • Note the type of car, make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicles involved. 
    • If your phone is working, photograph the scene to provide documentation to your attorneys. 
    • Gather the contact information of any witnesses. 
    • Be sure to not make any statements that admit blame or fault, and do not suggest that you “did not see” another vehicle. Such statements can undermine your case. 
    • When the police arrive, make a statement to them and note badge numbers. Your Houston auto accident attorneys can request the police report. 

    Generally, it is best to leave communication with other parties to your Houston car accident lawyers. This includes even your own car insurance company. If you do not anticipate pursuing a personal injury lawsuit within three days of the accident, report the basic details of your claim to the insurance firm. 
    Again, it is essential that you do not accept blame or fault in any type of accident. Oftentimes, your biggest opponent in a car accident is the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance firms typically have their own investigators and insurance adjusters who seek to undermine your claim and your case. Additionally, they may offer you an initial settlement in hopes that you won’t attempt to negotiate. 
    When you work with the Houston car accident lawyers at Nguyen & Chen, we are your advocates against these companies. We know when a settlement offer is not in your best interests and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

    If you believe that you may be at fault in a car accident, lawyers can help you understand the situation. When you hire a Houston car accident attorney, they act as your advocate and investigator, gathering all the facts of the case, including factors you may not be aware of. 
    Solid legal defense highlights extenuating circumstances and helps mitigate the legal consequences of an accident. Moreover, in Texas, fault can be ascribed to multiple parties based on a percentage of responsibility for the accident. This may mean that, even when at fault, you are due compensation for your injuries. 
    After accidents occur, hiring a lawyer to represent you in your car accident case is a vital first step in protecting your rights.

    After a car accident, insurance providers may offer you a settlement. These offers are often lowball and made because the company hopes that you agree to it so they can end negotiations.

    If an insurance company contacts you and tries to offer a settlement, you should politely tell them that you are currently seeking counsel and cannot accept their offer at this time. At that point, call a Houston car accident attorney at Nguyen and Chen, where we can help you overcome every obstacle and maximize your compensation.

    As Houston auto accident attorneys, we understand the dangers of the road. That’s how we know the unpredictable nature of motor vehicle accidents. What we know for sure, though, is that so long as vehicles are on the road, accidents are sure to happen. 

    With this in mind, government agencies like the NHTSA, FMCSA, and the Texas Department of Transportation continue to gather statistics about collisions. Truly, these numbers are sobering. However, the data is helpful as we determine the major causes of accidents. 

    For example, we now understand how likely distracted driving is to cause an accident in comparison to adverse weather. Additionally, these organizations compile statistics regarding the types of crashes and the severity of the injuries people sustain in these accidents. 

    Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula to determine how much a specific settlement is worth for one victim. However, the figures provide our Houston car accident attorneys with a good deal of information to help our clients calculate a fair settlement. 

    If you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle collision caused by a negligent driver, our experienced Houston car accident lawyers fight to maximize your settlement. As your advocates, we want to help you achieve the compensation you deserve. 

    The Average Car Accident Settlement

    Statistically speaking, the average car accident settlement falls somewhere between $14,000 and $28,000. With this in mind, the median is around $21,000. However, it’s important to remember that this includes relatively minor accidents as well. 

    In minor cases, they might only cover a single doctor visit or repairs to a vehicle. When you include severe accidents, the settlement numbers skew much higher. As your advocates, we factor in as many damages as possible to ensure your needs are met. 

    • Lost wages 
    • Vehicle repairs 
    • Medical expenses 
    • Reduced earning capacity 
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Applicable expenses

    When we represent an injured Texan after an auto accident, we work diligently and thoroughly to calculate a settlement. We strive to ensure our clients have the funds they need to move on with their life. Whether you need extensive therapy or your injury permanently changes your life, we want to help you stay covered. 

    Auto Accident Attorneys and Negotiations

    While a settlement is not set in stone, some insurance companies multiply final medical bills to provide our motor vehicle accident attorneys with a general number. This estimate might sound great at first. However, we want to be thorough to ensure you aren’t left in the lurch. 

    With that said, we understand that pain and suffering are subjective. We use our experience to look beyond the statistics and numbers to examine the emotional toll of the accident. When you meet us at your free consultation, we want to understand the true impact of the accident. 

    There’s no universal account for pain and suffering. As such, we work as your advocates to bring it into reality. We want to help you fight for a better future. 

    When the Settlement Offer Isn’t Enough

    In some cases, the insurance companies simply do not want to offer everything you need. That’s when you truly require a Houston car accident lawyer on your side. 

    It’s important for us to calculate your settlement properly. Once you accept an offer, there’s no option to renegotiate. For some people, the initial offer an insurance company makes seems perfect. 

    Unfortunately, they later find the impact of the accident was far more severe than they realized. As Houston auto accident attorneys, we guide you through the process. When an insurance company refuses to settle with a sufficient offer, we take them to court. 

    Why Nguyen & Chen?

    Often, the victims of negligent drivers think a lawyer only helps once they go to court. That simply isn’t true. More than personal injury lawyers, we are your advocates through the claim process. 

    For insurance companies, it’s in their best interest to offer the lowest possible settlement. However, it’s in your best interests to maximize your claim. With the attorneys at Nguyen & Chen on your side, you have someone to help you negotiate. 

    If negotiations fail, we are more than happy to take them to court. As your advocates, we fight to protect your rights and your future. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can fight for you. 

    Car accidents can happen anywhere. It’s always best to be prepared. Know the different types of auto accidents and know your rights; if you have been involved in an accident in or around Houston, Texas, our Houston car accident lawyers are here to help.

    At Nguyen & Chen, we believe that no one should be punished for the negligence of another driver. Insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible, but our Houston car accident lawyers know how to win you the compensation you deserve. 

    Don’t allow an insurance company to take advantage of you. Trust Nguyen & Chen to advocate for your rights. Call 832-767-0339 to schedule a free consultation with our Houston car accident lawyers today.


    Rear-End Collisions

    Read-end collisions are the most common type of auto accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 29% of all crashes are rear-end collisions. 

    This type of accident occurs when the front of one car collides with the back of another. A common cause of this is one car following another too closely and not leaving adequate room between vehicles, a process known as ‘tailgating.’ 

    When the leading car slows down (often due to traffic or a stoplight) the driver of the following car does not have time to react. Accidents of this type occur very frequently and can be dangerous for people in both vehicles.


    Head-On Collisions

    Head-on collisions are widely regarded as the most dangerous type of car accident. There are two types of head-on collision: those involving other cars and those involving a stationary object. 

    Two cars might hit one another head-on if they are driving in opposite directions on the same street. 

    When one of the cars ignores road signage and enters the wrong lane, they may impact directly with the other car, causing a head-on collision that is highly dangerous to everyone involved. 

    A car might also end up in a head-on collision with a stationary object; for example, swerving off the road and hitting a tree. 

    Both of these types of collisions are often caused by drunk or distracted drivers. These crashes are often fatal, especially if the car or cars involved are traveling at high speeds.


    Side Impact or T-Bone Collisions

    Side impact collisions are accidents in which one vehicle crashes into the side of another. This is very dangerous for passengers, as there is little protection on the sides of a vehicle. Passengers on the side of a collision may be badly injured or even killed.

    A common type of side-impact collision is called a T-Bone collision. This is a specific type of crash that usually occurs at stoplights. One car runs a red light, causing them to collide perpendicularly with another vehicle in the middle of the intersection. 

    T-Bone collisions are notable for their high fatality rate; they are the second most deadly type of auto accident after head-on collisions.


    Rollover Accidents

    Rollover accidents have many different causes. The most common cause is a driver losing control of their vehicle, either by becoming distracted or by driving carelessly. 

    Drifting off the road, especially onto either a guardrail or a hill, can upset the center of balance and cause a car to roll over. This causes significant damage to both the car and the passengers inside.

    Other causes of rollover collisions include multi-vehicle accidents and sharp turns at high speeds. When an auto accident occurs, one car may hit another and cause it to tip over. 

    If a single car attempts to make sharp turns at unsafe speeds, the friction can cause it to roll over, especially in heavily loaded vehicles such as vans or trucks. Although there is no one cause for rollover accidents and they occur very infrequently, they can be highly dangerous when they do occur.


    Sideswipe Collisions

    Sideswipe collisions occur when two vehicles are traveling in the same direction side-by-side. One vehicle attempts to merge or to switch lanes, often without checking to make sure the other lane is clear. This causes the sides of both vehicles to strike against one another. 

    Although sideswipe collisions are less dangerous than some other types of auto accident and have a very low fatality rate, they can still be harmful to passengers in both vehicles.


    Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Auto Accident Attorneys

    No matter which type of auto accident you were involved in, our attorneys at Nguyen & Chen can help. Our Houston car accident lawyers are highly experienced and know how to win you the compensation you deserve. 

    Call 832-767-0339 to schedule a free consultation today. If you are looking for Houston car accident lawyers, look no further; Nguyen & Chen are here to help you.

    After a car accident in Houston, you might feel overwhelmed. When a negligent driver’s reckless behavior causes you harm, you have the right to hold them accountable. In personal injury claims, the word “damages” refers to the compensation available to accident victims. 

    As Houston car accident lawyers, our team advocates for injured Texans who need help achieving the compensation they deserve. Here, we take a look at the different types of damages as well as steps to help ensure you maximize your claim. 

    Compensatory Damages

    When we look at Section 41.01 of the Texas Civil Remedies Code, we see the details of the damages available in a motor vehicle collision lawsuit as well as other personal injury claims. As Houston car accident lawyers, we start to build your claim with compensatory damages. 

    As the term implies, these damages compensate you for any loss you suffer as a result of your auto accident. This includes both current and future expenses. 

    Under the umbrella of compensatory damages, there are two types available: economic and non-economic. 

    Economic Damages

    When you have questions about damages available to you, our Houston car accident lawyers are happy to explain what you need to know. 

    Economic damages refer to the actual costs that result from the auto accident. Here are a few examples. 

    • Medical bills: These vary with your condition but include diagnostics, treatment and medications, follow-up visits with your physician, visits to specialists, and physical therapy. Additionally, they include any other medical expenses that you accrue. 
    • Property damage: Whether you repair or replace your vehicle, it counts towards your compensation. This also extends to any other noteworthy items you lose in the accident, such as a crushed laptop. 
    • Lost wages: This is two-fold. It includes wages you lost from time away from work as well as any reduction to your earning capacity. Often, this results from a long-term disability or permanent impairment. 
    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages cover the less tangible losses you experience in an auto accident. When you hear Houston car accident lawyers talk about “pain and suffering,” those are non-economic damages. 

    Moreover, it includes any mental anguish you suffer as well as loss of enjoyment in your life. For instance, when your motor vehicle collision results in an injury that makes you unable to participate in your favorite hobby, it reduces your quality of life. 

    Non-economic damages also include any compensation owed due to the loss of companionship your family experiences from a wrongful death. 

    For compensatory damages, there are no caps in a Texas car accident claim. The only exception is when the other driver is a government official or an employee of a government entity. In these cases, there’s a cap of $250,000 per person or $500,000 for a single accident. 

    Punitive Damages

    In rare cases, Houston car accident lawyers seek punitive damages. However, this generally requires extreme circumstances in the accident. 

    As an additional form of compensation, punitive damages are a form of punishment. When a liable driver is grossly negligent, reckless, or malicious, a judge might add fees on top of compensatory damages. 

    Gross negligence refers to any behavior that exhibits a willful and/or extreme disregard for the health and safety of others. 

    • Distracted driving
    • Driving under medications that alter someone’s mental or physical functions
    • Driving while intoxicated 
    • Aggressive driving 
    • Excessive speeding 
    • Racing 
    • Purposefully running red lights

    When a judge awards punitive damages, they want to send a message to the at-fault driver as well as others who might ignore their duty of care on the road. Typically, they base the charges on the total amount of losses suffered. 

    In Texas car accident claims, there’s a cap on punitive damages that limits them to the greater of $200,000 or twice the amount of economic damages plus the total of non-economic damages up to $750,000. 

    For instance, when both economic and non-economic damages are $1 million, the maximum for punitive damages is set at $2,750,000. 

    How to Help Us Maximize Your Damages

    The actions you take immediately after a motor vehicle accident impact your claim and compensation. As Houston car accident lawyers, we want to help you maximize your settlement. 

    Here are a few steps to help improve your odds for better compensation. 

    • Report the auto accident to the police immediately. 
    • Gather the contact information of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved. 
    • Document the scene with photos and videos, including damage to your vehicle and your injuries.
    • Seek medical attention immediately and be sure to follow your doctor’s treatment plan.
    • Resist the urge to accept an immediate settlement offer from the insurance company. 
    • Contact our Houston car accident lawyers to discuss your legal options. 

    How Our Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

    When you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle accident in Houston or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Nguyen & Chen. Our auto accident attorneys are available to walk you through the damages available in your claim. 

    Most importantly, we act as your advocates. Our Houston car accident lawyers bear the burden of your claim so that you have time to focus on healing. Whether compensatory or punitive damages, we seek to maximize your settlement offer. 

    Schedule a free consultation with our attorneys today. 

    Houston Car Accident Lawyers

    Advocates in Your Time of Need

    No matter what the details are in your case, an aggressive car accident attorney is your strongest ally. As your legal counsel, we build a defense in order to protect your rights and minimize your risk. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with everything you need to move forward after an accident.

    Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Car accident claims are complex. When you need to file a lawsuit, our personal injury attorneys can help ensure all negligent parties are held liable.

    Call on the compassionate and knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyers at Nguyen & Chen today. At your free consultation, we can show you why we are the auto accident attorneys Houston drivers depend on.