Impaired Driving/DUI Accident

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Impaired Driving/DUI Accident

Have You Ever Been A Victim Of Drunk Driving?

It has been estimated that an average of one person dies or gets injured from a road traffic accident involving alcohol every twenty minutes in Texas alone. As a victim of such atrocities, you should not hesitate to call us at Nguyen and Chen. We have a team of highly qualified car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, solely dedicated to seeing that such injustices do not go unpunished and you, the victim, do not go uncompensated.

Legal Approach

In Texas, under the accident law, a DUI is described as driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more. This is detected by the breath analyzers carried around by the police. This is however not an absolute measure because one can have a lower blood alcohol level but still be impaired. Such a determination is made by the law enforcement officers upon arrival at the scene of the accident. As a victim of such an accident, do not hesitate to seek professional help from a car accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer who will provide legal guidance through the compensation process.

Effects of Drunk Driving

Drinking alcohol has multi-system effects on one’s body. It will impair ones;

  • Vision
  • Reaction time
  • Comprehension
  • Concentration
  • Tracking
  • Coordination

These six cardinal impairments are the main causes of drinking-involved accidents.

Car accidents related to alcohol intake have a characteristic pattern; they tend to be associated with running a red light, ignoring traffic signs, careless swerving, careless or uncalculated overtaking, among many others.

What Are Your Rights?

The Texas DUI laws are very clear. In the occurrence of an impaired driving accident, normally, the police together with the office of the district attorney will file a criminal case on your behalf against the drunk driver. Most of the time, this case will focus mainly on fining the driver or giving them a jail sentence. As a victim seeking compensation, it is prudent to contact a DUI lawyer in a reputable firm like ours to initiate a civil litigation against the driver and his or her automobile insurance company for compensation.

Filing Accidents And Injury Claims

This is where we, Nguyen and Chen, come in. The filling process might seem a little bit tricky, but our experienced car accident attorneys will guide you every step of the way. Please give us a call right away if you are a victim of a drunk driving accident to begin your journey to justice.